Saturday, May 4, 2013

Elle UK June 2013 : Miley Cyrus

Ex-Disney star Miley Cyrus covered Elle UK’s June issue, out on British newstands now. This shot, by Jan Welters, from the main editorial also doubles as the subscriber's cover.

Miley seems like a nice girl, she’s terribly photogenic, and is breaking out of her “good girl” image bit by bit (remember the scandal her bare back made in Vanity Fair back in 2008?). Personally, I find her long hair suited her face better, but most girls feel the need to cut their hair short at one point in their lives.

What puzzles me is the tagline “Rapunzel with a Mohawk”. What is that supposed to mean? Rapunzel was a young woman locked in a tower by a witch, but eventually met a guy who climbed up the tower using her very long hair after seeing the witch do it (wouldn’t that hurt?). So we can guess that:

(a) Rapunzel is just a reference to Miley’s unconventional (because she’s short-haired) beauty

(b) Miley is trapped someplace and won’t be getting out for a while (hair growing takes time)

(I’m not hating on Miley, I just think the tag line writer should have written something different).


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