Monday, May 13, 2013

Givenchy Very Irrésistible : Amanda Seyfried

Givenchy's tv spot for the Very Irrésistible fragrance featuring new spokeswoman Amanda Seyfried was released about a week ago. See the print ad below, as well as the previous Liv Tyler versions.

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Personnally, I'm neither a fan of the fragance nor of the advertisements (be it in print or in video). The print advert is horrendous: it's extremely purple (though in magazines, it'll probably look better). And it looks like Ms. Seyfried's head was pasted onto a body, but her face isn't immediately recognizable. What's the point of hiring well known and naturally beautiful celebrities if you're just going to retouch the life out of them?

In the video, Ms. Seyfried looks much better, she looks like herself. However, I'm not sure I understand what kind of story they were trying to tell. With the way she's dressed in the beginning, and with everybody in the café looking at her, I thought there might be a robbery of some sort. But then, Amanda's beautiful face was revealed, and she starts to take her coat off. She throws her coat at a guy who was staring at her in wonder, and stays with her arm in the air until the end of the commercial.


I understand that when advertising for perfume, you can't exactly show off the product and its merits. You have to create a feeling and an image that represents the fragrance instead. But the problem with that is that a certain pefume will not create the same feelings and images in one person as it will in another. Another problem is that the image created by this commercial is not explicitly comprehensible; if I wear this perfume, will people let me throw my coat at them (even though it's not a Givenchy?)?

See Liv Tyler's Very Irrésistible ads from 2003 until 2012:

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