Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Recap : Spring/Summer 2013

More and more Autumn/Winter campaigns are being released each day. It's almost depressing! Most people haven't had the chance to properly enjoy summer yet and already companies are telling us what to wear for fall. So I have decided to put together my personal "best of" and "worst of" the Spring/Summer campaigns for 2013.

Remember: this is my personal opinion and the campaigns are in no particular order.

First, lets talk about the campaigns I liked :

Louis Vuitton : I liked the "double model" concept with different (albeit lookalike, even if the more I look at the shots, the less the girls actually look alike) girls wearing different outfits (as opposed to the same girl changing outfits and having the images merged in post production). Not to mention that models of varying ethnicity are featured! But I have to admit that I hated the collection and the campaign, as great as it is, didn't change my opinion.
Dolce & Gabbana : lovely shots near the sea. The casting's a little boring by now, but I never tire of seeing the lovely Monica Bellucci.

Burberry : nice contrast between Romeo Beckham's energy and the stoicism of the professional models. Not to mention I enjoyed seeing the collection very much.

Bottega Veneta : very cinematic photography from Peter Lindbergh, marking the comeback of Freja Beha Erichsen! However, I wasn't keen on the collection, especially the fringed dress featured in the campaign.

Celine : I have to admit, some shots were unflattering to Daria, but overall I liked the simplicity and how the campaign really focused on the clothes.

Alexander McQueen : I loved the bee theme from the collection, which they emphasized with the use of honey in the campaign.

Campaigns I'm on the fence about :

Valentino : the atmosphere is very melancholy, and the clothes aren't put forward in a very summer-y context (but Valentino campaigns for spring/summer aren't usually very bright, save for last year's which was shot outside), even if the clothes would be great for warmer temperatures (except for all the plastic, which must be hell on really hot days).

Mulberry : I actually really liked this one; great clothes, original underwater theme, underexposed model, ... But I thought the theme clashed with the leather clothes (like when's the last time you saw a cow underwater?)

Fendi : the campaign uses a very ugly and obviously fake background. However, I liked the originality of the makeup, the clothes were very nice, and I'm starting to appreciate Kati Nescher more and more.

Chanel : I liked the clothes, I liked the campaign setting. But it was all so Orient-inspired, and Karl couldn't do better than 2 Caucasian girls and one half Japanese girl? (Without her cat-eye makeup, I don't find Yumi very Asian looking anyway).

And finally campaigns I didn't like :

Givenchy : I adore Givenchy clothes in general but I'm used to seeing much better campaigns from them. The images with a dark background are simply striking, but the images with a white background seem amateur.

Versace : I love the Versace brand but I found both the collection and the campaign horrible. The models are vacant eyed, and the guy with the bright red hair is distracting me so much. The lighting and poses are supposed to evoke gods but I can't help but think about how much better the campaign might have been with a sunrise-y background instead of a night sky.

Saint Laurent Paris : First of all, I hated the name change even when I first heard about it; Saint Laurent sounds so banal, there are small towns everywhere called St Laurent. When you hear Saint Laurent, the first thing you hear is saint. The image that comes to mind for me personally is the idea of tradition and possibly modesty, not groundbreaking fashion. Yves Saint Laurent immediately sounds French, and most (non-French) people automatically think that it'll be something great. Not to mention the new Saint Laurent logo is simplistic...too simplistic, whereas I found the YSL logo incredibly stylish, not to mention it was immediately recognizable.

OK, if you've read through all that, now I will tell you why I don't like the campaign : I'm hardly a fan of Slimane's photography, and I really don't like the darkness of the campaign because you can't see the clothes properly. On the plus side, you can't see the model properly (I've never been a fan of Edie Campbell, but I had never heard of Julia Nobis before).

Dior : it just feels like the models are standing/sitting around, dressed nicely, waiting for something to happen. I wasn't overly fond of the collection either.

Whew! And I didn't even mention that many campaigns (you might have noticed that I left out Gucci for example, because I felt completely indifferent to the campaign and collection).

What are your favorite campaigns of SS 2013?

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