Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ben Affleck as Batman in Man of Steel 2

It was recently announced by Warner Bros. that Ben Affleck had been casted to play Batman in the Man of Steel sequel slated to come out in summer 2015.

Well, we all knew that Christian Bale's finished with being Batman, despite rumors of him being offered some 50 million dollars to reprise his role.

People have been pretty loud in their reactions so far, and the news has only been out for a day or so. Most arguments against Affleck have gone something like this:
  • Ben Affleck as Batman, seriously?!
  • Ben Affleck did a TERRIBLE job as Daredevil!
  • No, seriously... Ben Affleck as Batman?! 
Personally, I agree with all these arguments. But remember:
  • Ben Affleck has won several awards for films he's written and directed (so perhaps he'll be contributing to the story)
  • Daredevil happened 10 years ago
  • Take a look at this picture:

 Batman fans were enraged when Heath Ledger was announced to play the Joker. And when we saw the movie, we were all blown out of the water! I say let Warner Bros and Zack Snyder do their stuff. The film is meant to come out in two years, so that's plenty of time for casting decisions to change.

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