Friday, October 25, 2013

Wig Life : Copenhagen part 4

Danes are weird.

They won't cross the street if it's a red light. I've never seen that before! In France, as soon as there's a spare moment, people will scuttle across, regardless of whether there's a red light or even if there's police watching!

On a more positive note, Danes seem obsessed with coffee and pastries. And fresh juice/smoothie places. In France, there's more family owned bakeries or café type things. In Copenhagen, there's probably those things too, but I suppose the chains really stand out to me: Baresso, Joe & the Juice, Ludkagehuset (or something...), Redfellas, and 7 Eleven.

Another cool thing about Denamrk is that their trains have vending machines on them! And the bathrooms have electronic sliding doors (yeah, on the trains!). I never liked taking the train in France, it was always smelly, the seats were narrow, and all blank spaces were covered in multicolored graffiti.

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