Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wig Life : Sephora and Justin Beiber

I went into a local Sephora today.

It's something I'll do every so often. I used to work next door so my visits were more frequent back then, but I'll nearly always swing by if I'm in the area. The salespeople possibly know me by face and perfume, since I never go there to actually buy anything (sorry, but me not having money is hurting me worse than it's hurting you...), and am only in there a minute to cover myself in Florabotanica and possibly get quick whiffs of new fragrances.

So I stroll in as usual, looking cool on the outside and cackling diabolically on the outside, go to the first section of shelves on the left and stop in my tracks.

Florabotanica is gone!

And even worse, has been replaced by Justin Beiber Girlfriend!!!!

My eyes rolled up into the back of my head and I fainted in shock and horror.

Not, not really. But I was close. I spotted my beloved Florabotanica in the section next door and quickly inhaled some fumes to help me stay conscious.

Unfortunately, I can't even slam this perfume as much as I'd like to because there was no tester bottle. I guess a kleptomaniac Belieber go to it first.

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