Friday, November 15, 2013

Copenhagen : Part 6

Danes are hypocrites.

Or their government is.

Maybe their farmers are.

Anyhow, somebody is!

In supermarkets up here, you can't turn around without seeing the word 'økologisk' which means 'organic'. Basically, the food is supposed to be made without pesticide or such. That's fine and dandy; it's meant to be better for your health (and Danes seem to be pretty health-orientated, more so than Frenchies; there are loads of sports stores here, and you see joggers running around at all times of day, not to mention people go around on bicycles a lot; white bread is really hard to find, the shelves are chock full of breads with grains and seeds; most of the apartment buildings don't have elevators, but I'm not sure that's a choice they made concerning their health).

On the other hand, recycling is hard to do. You can't recycle all plastics (like packaging or non-drink bottles). When you buy drinks at the store, for example for 10 Krone, it actually rings up as 11.50 (or more, depending on the size of the bottle). You can later bring back the empty bottle to the store and put it in a machine that will print you out a ticket to refund you your 1.50 Krone, and you can use this ticket as partial payment at the register. I suppose the extra money you pay for the drink is what you pay for not recycling the bottle. However, you can't recycle milk cartons (cereal boxes, pizza boxes, and other cardboards are fine).

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