Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Recap : Autumn/Winter 2013

It's that time of year, I'm not talking about the holidays. I'm talking about the time of year when more and more fashion companies are releasing advertisements for the upcoming season. Once again, I present to you my personal "best of" and "worst of" the Autumn/Winter campaigns for 2013.


Remember: this is my personal opinion.

First, the campaigns I liked :

Bottega Veneta : The architectural clothes put between gritty backgrounds and slanting shadows were a treat to look at. Plus I love me some Raquel Z.

Dolce & Gabbana : Amazing all around! The fact that especially stuck out to me was that the clothes really look expensive and of good quality. This will sound odd, but I love the lighting. The models do their jobs very well, even if Monica B is (as usual) grossly under-/misused.

Dior : I loved the nonchalance of the models, just sitting around in a very chic manner . And the clothes! I especially adored the big bows.

Fendi : First of all, I find those mohawk-esque ankle boots very horrendous. That being said, this is the same campaign that had me thinking, 'hey, maybe Cara D isn't so despicable after all.' And ponytails FTW.

Hermès : their adverts usually deliver. This season was no exception.

Kenzo : Completely fantastic and unusual, while remaining polished and showing off the clothes to perfection.

Lanvin : Despite Edie C being seemingly incapable of changing facial expressions, I think it works for these images. The styling in each shot is so different, and I especially love the accessories.

Louis Vuitton : (I wasn't sure which campaign to review: the Michelle Williams one or the one with actual models...but I've seen more of the former, and that will be what my opinion is on) Simple, elegant, and to the point. Everything is spot on.

Mulberry : My first thought upon seeing the images was that Cara D was no Mulberry girl and that the owls were clearly the stars of the show. But with each shot, my opinion. The owls are still what my eyes linger on, but Cara wears the clothes very well and pulls off an owlish look flawlessly.

Stella McCartney : whimsical and intriguing. I especially like the shots in the pool, but the street shots are fun too, with their quirky signs.

Versace : simple yet very effectively styled studio shots with extra wow factor due to Kate's effortless modeling. Saskia is good too, but fails to be on the same level.

On the fence about :

Roberto Cavalli : I love the movement, the colors, the choice of models (Iselin, in particular, is killing it), the clothes, ...basically everything fits together great but is countered by the horrendous overuse of airbrushing.

Chanel : This might seem trivial, but why is it the Asian girls are floating and not the white one? I'm not too keen on the clothes either. Otherwise, I like the setting, and the photography isn't bad either.

David Yurman : I've come to expect the same formula from the American jeweler over the years... mix one part Peter Lindbergh, one part stunning supermodel(s), and adorn with incredibly desirable jewelry. This season, I feel, the 'stunning supermodel(s)' part is missing. Yes, I may love to hate Kate Upton, but Dree Hemingway didn't do it for me either.

Elie Saab : well, it's a change from Karlie and Sigrid strolling up and down the street (or room), but Karmen falls to produce the same amount of intensity. However, the clothes do look very good.

Gucci : Abbey Lee finally made her comeback to modelling with this campaign. As expected, she looks amazing (even if her cheekbones are a little too razor sharp) and intense. The clothes and handbags, in particular, are luxurious-looking. But is the amateur fade between the images for real?

Prada : the atmosphere and make-up were too dreary for my tastes, and I didn't always love the styling or angles, but the huge cast of models was splendid to see (Cameron Russell was especially killing it).

And finally campaigns I didn't like :

Bulgari : Barf. Carla Bruni is not an ugly lady. But here she looks positively generic. The jewelry looks cheap and tacky. Plus it was shot by Terry Richardson. Must I go on?

Burberry : PDAs are bad enough when you see them in real life. Now they're invading magazine time. I've no problem with Tom Sturridge (it's rather the opposite), but I've never been a fan of Sienna Miller. On the plus side? At least it's semi different from other adverts. The people in this one are actually a couple, for one.

Guiseppe Zanotti : I found this campaign boring. The shoes and clothes aren't exceptional. Anja R is beautiful, as always, but looks disinterested.

Jimmy Choo : Well...I didn't like any of it. Nicole Kidman isn't a woman I'd automatically associate with the brand (she's not 'sexy' enough, I guess). None of the shoes or bags are to my taste. And the icing on the cake? Glitter framed sunglasses.

Salvatore Ferragamo : I like the effects of the shadows, but otherwise, the campaign had nothing going on for it. The styling was minimalistic to the point of boring. They made Daria look like a man (an attractive man with killer legs, but still!)

I am now officially ready to pour over SS 2014 adverts.

What are your favorite campaigns of AW2013?

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