Saturday, March 22, 2014

Vogue US Aprl 2014 : Kim and Kanye

It's finally here!

Wait, do I sound happy about this?

Now, I have no love for Kim (but I am quite a fan of Kanye; he's the right mix of talent and out-of-studio entertainment value), never having watched her show or even looked twice at her family's forays into merchandise, but you have to admit she looks good. Annie Leibovitz has her done in her usual tried-and-true smoky eye and beige lip combo, and had her return to her (completely superior) darker hair. She's always been a very pretty girl.

Except that her lip looks wonky here. And the pose is stiff. And what is up with their hands? And is that a F@#%ING hashtag on the cover?!

It's a simple and striking photo, perfect for catching your attention, because you'll look twice and go: wait, is that Vogue? For real?!

And you've got to wonder what's gone on behind the scenes...rumor has it that Kanye's been pushing Anna Wintour to give Kim a cover. And we all know how he pushed for big fashion houses to accept her (i.e. Givenchy) and classy-ed up her image quite a bit. Kim's gone from Paris Hilton to...well, a woman that's mostly famous because of her baby and her boyfriend...sorry, fiancé, and whose career can be basically summed up to professional tabloid covergirl and party goer and sometimes business woman. And that shows in the cover: why isn't Kim on the cover by herself? Simple: she wouldn't have this cover without Kanye.

I'm not going to hate too much because I'm not planning on actually buying this. That will be the manifestation of my hate. I'm not going to lie, the cover is pretty, if I pretend the hashtag isn't there. And there's also a behind the scenes video, but I haven't watched it. I honestly don't think I'm going to.

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