Saturday, September 27, 2014

Gucci Cosmetics: Charlotte Casiraghi

Gucci has finally dropped the campaign for their new cosmetics line, featuring Princess Caroline de Monaco's daughter, Charlotte Casiraghi, photographed by Mert & Marcus.

Gucci's been in love with Charlotte Casirghi since forever. The brand custom makes her riding clothes, given that she's the official equestrian ambassador. She's also been featured in 'Forever Now' advertisements. It's only natural that such a lady would continue her affiliation with the brand.

But seeing this... I think I'd like this more if she didn't look so startled. There's not much that actually says 'Gucci' in the headshot, save the golden colors and the unmistakable double G logo. And I know that Gucci loves the color gold, but I think this could have been more effective with a plain background, just concentrating on Charlotte's beauty, like in this shot from SS13, also shot by Mert & Marcus:

Seriously, I stopped and had a proper look when I saw this shot in a magazine. Usually I just flip through them while cataloging which brand adverts an issue has (yes, I do that. With a spreadsheet and everything!). But everything in this shot is amazing: the expression on her face, her beauty, the way the clothes are shown, etc. Something like this would've made a fantastic beauty advert.

Back to the actual adverts though: I do like the product shots. They're evocative yet mysterious; they don't show much of her face, but plenty of the luxurious-looking products. I've no doubt they'll look absolutely amazing on shelves.

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