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Recap: Spring/Summer 2014

Aye, ‘tis that time of year again…except it isn’t, but better late than never, right?

I’ve been a bit out of it, but here I am again, presenting my personal "best of" and "worst of" the Spring/Summer campaigns for 2014.

First, the campaigns I liked :
Alexander McQueen : even if the gritty, dark atmosphere isn’t at all indicative of the season, I adore Kate Moss, I especially adore Kate Moss not quite looking like Kate Moss, and I may not adore Barbies, but I do like them. The clothes are killer, the setup is killer, the model is killer…I could go on and on.


Balenciaga : Daria is a beast. Klein is a beast. Vines scare me sometimes. Lighting is awesome, make up is awesome. I wouldn’t want all of the clothes, but that’s overshadowed by the pure amazingness emanating from this campaign.

Bottega Veneta : I’ve been trying to like Amanda Murphy for a while. She’s got a unique look, and she’s a Prada girl, so what’s not to like? But I can’t get over her face. It’s not the fact that she can’t change expressions, because she can, but she always seems so blank and her mouth hangs open KStew style (which is completely different from Lara Stone style which is irresistible because 1) Lara 2) lips 3) Lara). But the shot of her lying on the beach blows my mind. I don’t know what it is; she looks moody, like a kid that’s been pushed off the swing set; the bag is generic; the dress is meh; I despise slingbacks…yet, I love the shot. I can’t stop looking at it and marveling at how well all these seemingly wrong elements come together so wonderfully. Most of the rest of the shots are also amazing and actually work because of her moodiness.

Burberry : Nice décor, the clothes are just OK, but I’m putting this here because this is the campaign that introduced me to Malakai Firth. Gorgeous! She looks a bit like Zoe Kravitz, only prettier. Oh, and that blond guy is pretty hot too.

Céline : I love all the motion. The models look great (save Amanda Murphy for reasons explained previously), and Daria’s got a spark in her eye. The clothes look great too.

Chloé : even though I dislike almost everything about Lou Doillon, I have to say this campaign is near perfect. I love the earthy tones and the interactions between the two women. The whole thing evokes the spirit of Chloé so perfectly.

Hermès : Hermès delivers as usual.

Kenzo : as usual, I love the kookiness. And what a surprise to see Devon Aoki!

La Perla : wait…is that…Cara? Looking…flawless?! If I would stop gawking at her for a moment, I'd say that these portraits are amazing and effective and makes me want to run to the local La Perla store.

Miu Miu: the clothes look desirable, and the women look fantastic. What more can I say?

Versace : Fortunately or unfortunately, it was only the Lady Gaga campaign that I saw in magazines, so I’m basing my choice off of that (the Anna Ewers one is also good though). What can I say? I like it. Granted, the leaked non-retouched photos were disastrous, but I guess the fact that this campaign is in my ‘like’ list is a testament to Mert & Marcus’s retoucher’s skills. But otherwise, I like Lady Gaga (granted, I’m not fond of her latest album, and even less so of the Donatella song on there), and I like the clothes and the label in general too.

On the fence about :
Balmain : I just thought it was meh all around. The clothes are interesting, the model is interesting, but the campaign just isn’t.

Just Cavalli : I like the psychedelic colors and the clothes and the cast, but the setting is mediocre and the fake fire looks very fake.

Roberto Cavalli : I don’t really know what to say. I love Iselin, I love how ostentatiously bejeweled Roberto Cavalli clothes are, but this campaign is so lackluster.

Chanel : I don’t completely dislike this, but I hardly love it either. The clothes are kinda meh, the mirror concept isn’t used to its proper potential, and Sasha L (even if she’s underused) isn’t looking her best. I do like Lindsey with red hair though.

Calvin Klein : I adore some shots and hate others. Vanessa Axente can be very hit of miss with her look to me. At one point, I was ready to declare her the most beautiful woman in the world (sorry, Ymre), but then I saw her Vogue Deutsch cover and the CK FW14 campaign (but that’s another story) where she looks very off. I’ve never been into CK clothes either.

Fendi : Joan is a queen, but I’ve never, ever, liked Nadja. Not even with the fantastic blue nail polish she’s wearing. I like the gradient dresses, but almost nothing else.

Givenchy : it’s OK. Dunno what else to say.

 Louis Vuitton: The first thing that struck me was that the mood’s rather dark. And the shots are only from the waist up. But Fan Bing Bing looks like a queen. And I don't like Edie, but she isn’t detestable in this; in fact, she looks – dare I say it? – good. In fact, all the women look good.

Marc Jacobs: The mood isn’t very warm, I don’t mind Miley Cyrus, but I’m hardly her biggest fan either, yet I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like this campaign. There’s something haunting about the images. I guess it helps that Miley’s covered up and not waggling her tongue.

Salvatore Ferragamo : I don’t really know what to say. You’ve got Daria, Mert & Marcus, decent clothes, and you get this bland result. The poor woman barely looks like herself in some of these shots. However, in the shots that work…the shots work.

Valentino : the only real gripe I have is that I don’t like the majority of the designs featured. But I like it: I like the setting, I like the models, I like the mood.

And finally campaigns I didn't like :
Blumarine : horrible. Cheap. Blergh. The effects are wack, the wig’s just wrong, the clothes are unbearable. The only thing that saves the campaign is the eyewear shot and the butterflies.

Dolce & Gabbana : where’s my Monica, you bastards?! (Yes, I know she’s in the beauty campaign, but still!) OK, Catherine McNeil is an OK addition to the cast, but the women seem to be spazzing out in every shot! I know you want energy and liveliness to show the spirit of Italy, but there is such thing as too much of a good thing. The setting’s amazing though, and the produce looks fabulous. However, the clothes are meh, and I especially dislike the bags. However, I will say that the eyewear ads are stunning and remind me of paintings.

Dior : I’m not just putting this here because I’m rather firmly against Edie Campbell (and it was only semi recently that I learned that it’s pronounced Ee-dee, and not “Eddie”). I also don’t like Julia Nobis. It’s nothing against her personally, I just don’t like her look as I find her plain. Elise Crombez looks nice, but Stella Tennant steals the spotlight, and not just because she has the most shots. But overall, the sky background looks cheap. Not even the black and white portraits could save this for me. I’m not terribly fond of the collection either.


Gucci : I will admit that I didn’t pay much attention to this campaign at first because the models are not ones that I follow and I wasn’t fond of the collection. The makeup makes the women look like zombies – very pretty zombies, granted, but still undead. I did enjoy the men’s campaign though, only because they were head to toe in floral prints.

Jimmy Choo : oh dear. What is this? If you’ve read my previous recap, you’d know I’m no Nicole Kidman fan, but she looks positively awful here. And I usually love Sølve Sundsbø’s photography! But what is this lighting? And the blur effects? And the angles?! What are you trying to do here?!

Liu Jo : I never tire of seeing Kate, but here she’s been retouched to hell and back. Thanks, Sølve. The jeans campaign only looks marginally better.

Prada : I won’t deny that this isn’t an interesting concept, but it turns out to be a cluster****. You can’t concentrate on the clothes or the models. Though I will admit I like those ‘face’ purses.

And there you have it! My (rather late) recap of the sping/summer 2014 season. What are your thoughts on last season's campaigns?

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