Thursday, October 9, 2014

Chanel Cruise 2015: Joan Smalls and Hudson Kroenig

Karl Lagerfeld photographs Puerto Rican model Joan Smalls and Hudson Kroenig, the son of Lagerfeld favorite Brad Kroenig, for the latest Chanel cruise campaign.

Well, I mostly like it (and that's a relief, after all my recent adulation posts). I've always liked Joan, I really like the styling (even if it's odd that there aren't any shoes to be seen), and the setting's pretty and varied in each shot.

But the kid...what the kid doing here? Apparently he's six years old, but is already a runway star. He's cute and all, but he's not really adding anything to the shots. I only like him in the first and third shots: where he's sitting against a pillar and peeking between the doors, respectively. There, he adds to the nonchalant mystery of the campaign. In the other shots, he's also pretty nonchalant (and is sometimes staring, enthralled, at Joan - to which I can relate) but in a way that approaches 'bored'.

Maybe it's too early for little Hudson to be posing in campaigns. He's young but he doesn't emote well (that's why no one likes child actors). And then there's the whole ethical thing about exploiting your kid's looks/talent (à la Lohan, Caulkin, Bynes, etc.).

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