Thursday, October 16, 2014

Chanel N°5: Gisele Bünchen

The highest-paid model in the world, Gisele Bünchen, is the new face of Chanel's iconic perfume, N°5. Patrick Demarchilier was responsible for the shots, and Baz Luhrmann for the short film.

I still don't see Gisele as a Chanel girl. Yes, I know she's right in front of me as one, but I still can't wrap my mind around it. Of course, she's sophisticated and beautiful and everything that a perfume spokeswoman should be, but she just doesn't scream Chanel to me.

Of course, my opinion doesn't matter, because here she is, wearing N°5 and the future face of the SS15 campaign.

The printed ads are nice. The one with her lying inside the 5 is amateurish, but the one with her running down the alleyway is breathtaking (which was probably not taken by Demarchelier, as it's a still from the film). The other two photos come from Gisele's Instagram, and as such, I'm not sure if they're actual adverts or outtakes.

The film confuses me a bit. The guy (Michiel Huisman, Game of Thrones star) leaves Gisele because she's neglecting him and their daughter in favor of surfing (wait, so he's walking out of his daughter's life too?). And then in the middle of her photoshoot, Gisele realizes what a mistake she's made and runs back to him, where he's sitting at some sort of musical theater, possibly being serenaded by the guy on stage.

I know that perfume commercials don't really have a link with the perfume, (Givenchy understands this), other than someone spraying it, but this Not in a good way.

A cooler (I mean darker) way of showing this would be to show that they guy is obviously unhappy with his relationship falling apart, but Gisele is keeping him under her spell with her perfume. But that probably wouldn't go over well with the general public, especially the MRAs. Bwahahaha!

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