Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Citizen K International Fall 2014: ?

Karina Twiss captures...uh, some blonde, big-lipped model for the latest Citizen K jewelry story.

Let me point some things out...

One: Please help me to identify this beautiful model (because the magazine's website and their Facebook page are useless, and her name hasn't popped up on TFS yet) who does such an amazing job in this editorial.

Two: argh, Citizen K! Why did you have to change formats?! I've been buying Citizen K faithfully have only missed one issue in three years. You had such good content: such interesting articles, rare ads, and interesting (enough) editorials that really focus on clothes (I guess it helps that I'm not concentrated on the models because I couldn't identify 90% of them, other than the cover stars). And these pictures would've been so brilliant to rip out and keep forever, but since you've gotten taller and wider (but thinner!!) since your Spring issue, I have no way to archive you like I do with all my old magazines without cutting (I'd have to cut a lot) or folding (doesn't that ruin the picture!). I guess you're cutting down on costs (the mag costs 1€ in French shops, but has a ridiculously high subscription price, though I can't remember exactly how much, and again, both the website and FB page are useless), because the paper's all wonky too; all...papery. That sounds like a botched description, but I swear it was glossier and smoother before.

Three: I sigh when I see these shots. They're just so stunning. The photography is gorgeous and the lighting is sublime. The jewelry is showcased perfectly and even having fur in each shot feels luxurious (fur can be very hit or miss for me). The model, again, is beautiful, but she should've closed her mouth in more shots. The quote (it comes from "Chanson de Maxence" from Jacques Demy's 1967 film Les Demoiselles de Rochefort starring Catherine Deneuve) fits nicely as well.

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