Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv: Stephanie Seymour

Brand-new Estée Lauder spokeswoman Stephanie Seymour's first advert has been released.

Wow. Just wow. She looks absolutely fantastic. I was expecting Carolyn Murphy or Arizona Muse to continue their work for the Re-Nutriv line, but Stephanie looks so much more amazing that I could've imagined. The other two women are beautiful too, of course, but there's some je ne sais quoi to this advert. Perhaps it's the tousled yet sophisticated hair. Perhaps it's the beauty of a woman well into her forties being unafraid to be sexy with a backless dress. Perhaps it's the fact that a woman of the target audience is being used for the advert.

(Admittedly, Carolyn is 40 (born August '74), but Arizona is 26 (September '88))

Here's some of Carolyn and Arizona's adverts for the Re-Nutriv line:

I love Stephanie's advert and am looking forward to seeing so many more beautiful shots!

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