Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Glamour Italia October 2014: Iekeliene Stange

One of my favorite Dutch beauties, Iekeliene Stange, is the focus of a sci-fi inspired story for the latest issue of Glamour Italia, photographed by Sandrine Dulermo and Michael Labica.

Oh God, those cheekbones. I never liked her with dyed blonde hair (it looked so awful and dry), but the angularity of the wig brings out her razor sharp cheekbones and adds quirkiness to the story.

The styling's fantastic, and the photography is top-notch. In fact, the only thing I dislike about the editorial is Iek herself, that is to say her hands. I know they've become her signature in a way, but in eight of her poses (out of twelve!) she has her hands half raised.

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