Thursday, October 16, 2014

Harper's Bazaar Germany November 2014: Taylor Swift

Paola Kudacki captures musician Taylor Swift for the latest edition of Deutsch Harper's Bazaar.

I don't like Taylor Swift. There, I said it. And no, it's nothing to do with her dating history. It's nothing to do with her personality (I don't think I've ever seen a clip of her that wasn't a music video, save for Kanye's infamous "Imma let you finish in a minute" one). It's her music. I can't stand lovey-dovey, country pop crap. The only song of hers that I've got is "I Knew You Were Trouble", and that's because it sounds nothing like a Taylor Swift song. I mean, jeez, it's got dubstep in it. That's about as far away from country as you can get.

But I have to say, I'm semi impressed with this editorial (with Taylor, I mean. The styling can go). She's not just staring into the camera blankly like most celebs do. It makes me think that she's asked her pal Karlie Kloss for pointers. The cover is fantastic too. There's a sense of movement to it that makes it dynamic.

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