Sunday, October 5, 2014

L'Oréal hair color: Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss the American supermodel, international Vogue favorite, and Victoria's Secret angel can now add 'L'Oréal spokeswoman' to her list of achievements.

Wow. I have nothing to complain about. That makes me feel as if my life has no purpose. But seriously, I can't say anything bad. Karlie looks alluring. That color looks amazing on her. It's not excessively retouched. Her hands are chic, and I really like that ring.

Seriously, WHAT CAN I SAY?!

Well, I didn't like Karlie in the beginning. I thought her features were odd (yes, models in general look "odd", but for her, it was excessive): her nose is too long, there's too much space between her eyes and her mouth, and her traits are mostly small, except for her nose. But the more I saw from her, the more I looked. Dior fall-winter 2010 was the tipping point:

I loved it. I bloody loved it. I didn't appreciate the film noir inspired campaign from SS10, or the tropical one from SS11, but I still looked at them and now I can't look away. And over time, she's transitioned into a more commercial model (something I thought she couldn't do because of her aforementioned special look), but she's been massively successful in that.

So, here I am: defeated with nothing negative to point out. All I can say is congrats, Karlie. You deserve it.

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