Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tatler UK November 2014: Eveline Rozing

Rebekka Ehlers captures model Eveline Rozing with kooky head-in-the-holes and luxury handbags.

I really love this. I've never heard of the photographer (whose style is so boring and reminiscent of Terry Richardson that I was initially surprised that there were clothes involved), or the model (who I also find unconventional-looking, even for a model), and I've never picked up a Tatler in my life (mostly because I don't think most places here sell it. Plus this issue's got Alice 'Karl's precious' Dellal on the cover. Eurgh.). But I'm glad I had a look. The cut outs really add character to the shoot, and the styling and choice of bags are nice (except for that hideous Marc Jacobs skirt). The model also does a good job, even though she doesn't have much freedom of movement.

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