Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Edit 16 October 2014: Lily Collins and Sam Claflin

Nico photographs actress Lily Collins for the latest edition of The Edit by Net-A-Porter.

I'm usually impressed by Net-A-Porter's magazines and this issue of The Edit is no exception. Lily Collins and Sam Claflin also impress me here, though I was less convinced when I saw them in films. Collins was rather meh in Mirror Mirror, and I found the make up very questionable; she's gorgeous, but I could only ever focus on her eyebrows. And Claflin I only remember from the 4th Pirates of the Caribbean, playing the fool that fell in love with a siren, a being that eats people.  And after a bit of research, I discovered that, ironically, he was William, the prince (or the duke?) in Snow White and the Huntsman with Kristen Stewart (I did watch the film, I just don't remember him being in it), which was in competition with Mirror Mirror. Also discovered was the fact that, no, they are not dating. Or, at least, I hope they aren't because Claflin is married.

I like this edit because the two of them pull off being lovers without either of them being stiff. I guess they're improving in their acting. Some of the shots do seem forced though, like the ones with Lily holding the glass, and sitting on the windowsill, but the rest are great. I don't even mind all the black and white; it adds a nostalgic and romantic element to the story, especially the shots on the bridge and on the bench.

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