Sunday, October 19, 2014

US Vogue November 2014: Natalia Vodianova & Benjamin Millepied

See Annie Leibovitz's editorial with Natalia Vodianova and Benjamin Millepied at the Palais Garnier in Paris.

This could be better. granted, it could also be worse, but let's not go into that.

This is classic Leibovitz photography: saturated colors, zooms out to show the scenery, and retouching fails. Dare I say I enjoyed the Kimye story from April better? At least there you could see proper faces and details on the clothes. Here, half of the time, I'm not sure that Natalia and Benjamin (also known as Mr. Natalie Portman and the new director of the Paris Opera Ballet) are even there. Yes, I know what the Palais Garnier looks like - it does look like this - but I can't be certain that the two weren't Photoshopped in later. Like in the first picture, Benjamin looks odd, and then in the ones with the statue and the piano, Natalia looks odd.

The only photo that I like is the last one in the ballet practice room (is that the official term for it?). Natalia's striking the perfect pose and I love that she's on the windowsill (again, not certain of the term). It would've been even more fantastic without the ballet dancer (though he's got a rocking body) and if it was centered on Natalia and the dress.

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