Thursday, October 9, 2014

Vogue Australia November 2014: Gemma Ward

Newly returned Aussie supermodel Gemma Ward was snapped for Vogue Australia along with her daughter Naia by Jake Terrey.

Ah, Gemma, Gemma, Gemma. I've so many saved photos of you on my computer (I wasn't quite fashion conscious enough to buy magazines back then) that I don't know what to do with them anymore. Sure, the hole in my heart has been steadily filled over the six years you've been absent, mostly by Dutch girls, for some reason, and your angular doppelganger Sasha Pivovarova, but something exploded within me when I discovered you were back in the fashion industry. It was something like...wonder. As in, I wonder if you, despite being so, so coveted back in your day, would be able reach your previous heights of success. The world's changed: Instagram is a thing now; the doll look is out; English girls capable of only making one expression and using their connections to the fullest are in (Edie, Suki, Jean, etc.); and the model market is being saturated (too many damned newbies everywhere. Everywhere!)

I do wonder why you've chosen to come back to modeling, now of all times. You've been nominated for awards in acting (Film Critics Circle of Australia Award for Best Actress and Inside Film Award for Best Actress for 2008's The Black Balloon). Perhaps you enjoy modelling more? I can't find any definitive answers.

Anyway, these photos were taken while you were on set for the Australian brand Country Road, which makes me wonder whose idea that was. Of course, you've got a glow about you, Gemma (could be the sunlight, make-up, or the fact that you're there with your daughter), and you're just as beautiful as you were before. I'm just wondering whether Vogue Australia couldn't be bothered to set you up for a real shoot (they're using a reprint of Blake Lively for their November cover, you know?) or if you're just taking your time getting back into the swing of things. I do hope it's the latter. And I do hope to see you all over the place - like you were in your heyday - in the future.

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