Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Vogue España November 2014: Edita, Alessandra & Kati (part 2)

Alexi Lubomirski photographed Spanish Vogue's three cover girls' editorials with a twist...

This is all over the bloody place. You could've added in a picture of a potted plant and it wouldn't have fazed me.

I do hope they weren't shown all at once, like next to each other; it'd be jarring and the non-cohesiveness would be that much more evident. It'd be fine if they showed one picture per two pages (like a blank page on the left and the photo on the right).

Edita is a great model, but I find these only "OK". The two where she's sitting are gorgeous, and the other two...well, the one with the red dress is cheesy, and the multicolored one would be an odd choice for a cover, even if it's a nice shot.

I've always been "meh" towards Alessandra, and this editorial is no exception. She always seems to be over the top. The b&w cover looks fantastic, though, and the one where she's sitting on the stool is alright. The other two are 'meh' and over the top, plus the retouching is awful.

Just like for Edita, I'm only OK with Kati's pictures. Two of them don't work as covers, but would be fine without the masthead (the b&w one and the one where she's tossing the hat, which looks so tacky!), and the other two look fantastic as part of an editorial or as a cover.

To be honest, I feel cheated. We got three beautiful covers (actual covers) and for the accompanying editorial, we get this hot mess.

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