Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What I learned today: back it up!

Oh geez, I had such a scare this morning.

First, I was startled awake sometime during the night because some guy was shouting in the streets about some other guy. He had a seriously booming voice and was calling the other guy an SOB and a lot of other stuff. I soon forgot about it and went back to sleep. And then, I was startled awake again by something crashing to the floor very loudly. I thought it was the guy again, maybe smashing a window, but it took me a moment to realize the noise had come from inside the apartment. About five meters away, actually. Stupid cats. And it was my computer that they'd chose to knock down. My mother picked it up and I went back to sleep.

That was about two hours ago. About fifteen minutes ago, I sat down and toggled the power switch on the machine and it refused point blank to turn on. I panicked and remembered that it had taken a nasty fall to the floor and landed on its top. I was going to murder the cats and skin them into earmuffs if my computer was broken. It's got all my shit on it: work, school, a lot of porn, my fiction, other people's fiction, music, ... and there's way too much of it to back up, and if I have it's mostly my leisure stuff (because creativity is hard to replicate, OK?! And screw work and school!).

Anyway, I was starting to panic, because I can't afford to get a new one (or even a second hand one) right now, and how am I gonna get all my stuff back, and the back ups I made were from forever ago, and I've got so much new stuff going on right now, and earmuffs here I come... and I went on my Mom's computer and typed in "laptop fell won't turn on". Some site told me to pop out the power cable and the battery and voilà, life! Thanks, Google, and the other site that I can't remember the name of.

Now seems like a great time to make a whole bunch of back ups.

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