Monday, October 6, 2014

What I learned today: comedy is so true that it's not funny

I've said before how much I enjoy Sacha Baron Cohen's work before, and out of his three characters, I enjoy Borat the most. Here's a deleted scene from the 2006 film:

Is it just me or is this kinda chilling and very telling of American police mentality today? I get that they have to look for threats, but can they just pull you over for no reason (the cops in DC basically told them they were suspicious looking, with the foreignness, and the ice cream truck, and high-tech equipment, but - and maybe this bit was edited out - but the Dallas cops didn't give any sort of justification for making them get out of the truck, AND had three squad cars around!)?

It probably would've detracted from the humor of the film, but I wish they'd have kept this scene in there. The whole point of the film was to show and make fun of people's behavior towards dumb foreigners, which in turn would reveal their dumbness, and I think this scene's pretty telling.

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