Thursday, October 16, 2014

What I learned today: leave food on your counters at your own risk (especially if you have cats)

I went out on my regular shopping trip. Everything was going well (-ish): for once, the store fridge was chock full of milk, so we could stock up properly. Plus I was out of Frangipanes, so I got a pack of those (and promptly had one when I'd settled in back home).

When we got back, we were greeted by the sight of spaghetti all over the entryway floor. It had been containerized in a plastic bag on the kitchen counter. I was meant to have it for lunch today. It was actually sort of impressive: the cat would have had to get onto the island counter (we've tried to dissuade them from going up there, but to no avail), jumped a good distance to the wall counter, trotted over to the bag, and knocked it down. From there, it would've had to drag it through the dining area and into the entryway. Granted, the apartment's not huge, so this distance would be covered in about six human steps, but it's a lot to a cat dragging a bag of cooked spaghetti.

So, yes, I was feeling impressed right up until the moment where I realized it'd have to be cleaned up. I don't think cats eat spaghetti (after a quick Google search - because this is legit research - they actually do. In fact, there's a Reddit subforum and a Tumblr dedicated to it). I think they might have mistaken them for shoelaces or something - because they like catching and chewing shoelaces - and dragged them into the entryway where the other shoelaces are.

Ah, stupid cats. They seem to be going out of their way to irritate me lately. About an hour later, one of them tried to climb on top of the telly. Dunno what he would've done once he'd gotten up there. It's not even an inch wide up there.

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