Thursday, December 4, 2014

Just Gold by Just Cavalli: Georgia May Jagger & Marlon Teixeira

Mario Sorrenti captures lovers-for-the-day Georgia May Jagger and Marlon Teixeira.

Wow, this is bad. Like laughably bad. Like cringe-worthy bad. Like wanna-claw-out-my-eyes bad.

And familiar.

Oh right, it's a terribly Photoshopped mess-up of the superior Just fragrance campaign from SS14:

Oh man. It's bad enough that Elie Saab used the same image for variations of his perfume and only changed the color of the dress, but at least that was well done! In the Cavalli campaign, everything looks so bad. It's as if the retoucher had gotten drunk and gave himself a concussion falling over into his own vomit and still had to come into work the next day. Or maybe he didn't come into work and sent his kid in to do the retouching that day instead. Someone should be fired for this travesty!

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