Thursday, December 11, 2014

Vogue Australia January 2015: Gisele Bündchen (part 2)

Chanel spokeswoman and face of their famous N°5 perfume Gisele Bündchen poses with Baz Luhrmann for Australian Vogue and Patrick Demarchelier.

As I said with the cover, I can't fault Gisele being styled Gisele-like, because it's beautiful even when it becomes boring. Hair tossed to one side, face turned to half-profile, serene Mona Lisa smile...I4ve seen it a thousand times before. But it's pretty.

I will say that that second photo looks odd, though. I guess I'm not used to seeing her with her eyes a bit more open.

There's also another photo of Luhrmann, but he was by himself and is utterly unimportant without Gisele next to him.

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