Thursday, January 1, 2015

Estée Lauder Spring/Summer 2015: Constance, Carolyn, & Joan

Estée Lauder taps a few members of their all-star cast for some of the early 2015 ads.

I quite like all of these for different reasons, just as I dislike these for various reasons.

1) Constance looks good. The shot in general is airy. But her stare is blank, just like a Barbie.

2) I like this one the most, but this could be an ad for any of the elements present, as visible and overpowering as they are (it's a lipstick advert). The lipstick and the chain necklace are super big and eye catching.

3) First of all, I like that Carolyn looks her age and that they didn't retouch her to hell and back. However, Joan's make-up is not the best, and it looks like she has little bags under her eyes. There also seems to be a disconnect between the two ladies, which is a shame.

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